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Cost Of Freemason

Considering the cost to join many organizations these days, Freemasonry could be thought of as a bargain. But there are some expenses involved; particularly a one-time initiation fee and annual dues. The amount varies, as each Lodge sets its own fees and dues.

However, contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be rich to join Freemasonry as the membership fees are relatively low.

In New York, initiation fees generally runs between $200 and $375, with the average around $500. There are also annual dues, which again differ from lodge-to-lodge, that run between $160 and $200, with $100 being the average. Some Lodges will charge more than these amounts and some charge less.

The $100 you pay is for the materials you receive during membership, such as a copy of Lodge bylaws, apron, study guides, and etc.

Apart from this, most of the Lodges in the United States ask you to pay the fee for the application, which can be around $200 also.

Each Lodge is responsible for collecting dues from its members. Many Lodges makes use of the online member’s services system to collect and track dues payments electronically via credit card; some Lodges use other electronic systems like PayPal; and some Lodges only accept payment by cash or check. The Secretary of your Lodge can tell you what forms of payment are accepted and answer any other questions about dues payments.