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The Illuminati follows a supreme goal of freeing men and giving them a happy life. But it had some conditions to fulfill. First, people had to change and become good. To join the Illuminati, you had to have full consent from other members, possess wealth, and have a good reputation within a suitable family. There is also a hierarchical system to Illuminati membership. After entering as a ‘novice’, you graduate to a ‘minerval’ and then an ‘illuminated minerval’, although this structure later become more complicated, with 13 degrees of initiation require in order to become a member.

Our vision is to create a new world order through a universal republic brought about by a world revolution. This revolution will abolish all religions, including Christianity. Under this new world order, all governments would be obliterated, and all social, religious, and moral constraints would be removed. Human beings would be freed of all religious superstition, all living in a world of absolute equality and social fraternity with the masses embracing no religion but atheism. The economy would operate under a ‘communism of goods’ structure ruled by the compassionate, enlightened elite. According to Weishaupt, these superiors are flawless, and no one is allow to doubt them.