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Sell Your Soul

This site consists of the acquisition and selling of souls with full rights and sanction provided by the Sons of Hostis Hvmani Generis. Any individual or any sanctified sect that is offended are ask to depart even though you have automatically agreed de facto to our terms and conditions by reaching this site.

Over tens thousand souls bought have been and sold since our inception. Our listing are updated frequently for initiation into our organization so please you can check back. We regret to inform you that due to the misappropriation of souls, some souls are not transferable until they follow the right path. Please note that expiration dates are estimated and due to alternate cosmic forces beyond our control the expiration of some dates are subject to change, what can we say stercus accidit.

So you must understand that…..
Thy Path In Life Must Be Thine Own, Let Not Others Choose It For Thee. If Ye Wish A Chance at Greatness, Love Or Happiness, Follow Thine Own Path. If It Should Lead To Misery, So Be It. At Least Is It A Misery Of Thine Own Choosing. And Remember, Ye May Always Try Again