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How Do I Become a Member of the Illuminati?

Our organization separates individuals of outstanding political, financial, or cultural influence from the rest of the flock and establishes them as shepherds of the human species. We see and know all just as a shepherd sees and knows all of the flock, our eyes peering over the masses to identify any threat to those we protect.

When you become a member

You will have the opportunity to be great and dine with great men from different nations. In addition to gaining a worldwide family of  Brothers and Sisters and the many philosophical lessons of our Degrees dating back centuries, there are many benefits to being a member of the Illuminati.  Members learn and use many valuable life skills that carry over into life outside the Lodge.  These skills are useful to anyone trying to better their career and will be handy on any resumé or for anyone who is an entrepreneur trying to start their own business.

What We Do

The Illuminati follows a supreme goal of freeing men and giving them a happy life. But it had some conditions to fulfill. First, people had to change and become good. To join the Illuminati, you had to have full consent from other members, possess wealth, and have a good reputation within a suitable family. There is also a hierarchical system to Illuminati membership. After entering as a ‘novice’, you graduate to a ‘minerval’ and then an ‘illuminated minerval’, although this structure later become more complicated, with 13 degrees of initiation require in order to become a member. Our vision is to create a new world order through a universal republic brought about by a world revolution. This revolution will abolish all religions, including Christianity. Under this new world order, all governments would be obliterated, and all social, religious, and moral constraints would be removed. Human beings would be freed of all religious superstition, all living in a world of absolute equality and social fraternity with the masses embracing no religion but atheism. The economy would operate under a ‘communism of goods’ structure ruled by the compassionate, enlightened elite. According to Weishaupt, these superiors are flawless, and no one is allow to doubt them.

Mathew Waton

I have survived so long because I have been blessed by the Illuminati and gracious colleagues who let me choose my topics every week and then allowed me to express opinions that were not always popular.

James T. Wayne

Grateful for everything, I still have more to achieve as member. I choose the light so as to merge my co-ordination and mutual understanding in the society; when there is no friction of thoughts and clash of ideologies. We should therefore follow the ideals established by the scholars and engage ourselves in virtuous deeds.

Alice Joyce

Illuminati is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity

William Huss K.

“I couldn’t imagine my life without the disciplinary practice of the principles which Illuminati espouses. There is a subtle joy, derived from the lifelong developing ability to interpret life through the signs, symbols, and allegories of Illuminati, which undercuts my conscience life. Within that joy, there is an immense satisfaction that I share this unique […]

Clayton Terry

I am proud to be Illuminati and shall always be happy to number myself among those who uphold those cardinal principles and moral standards of life that are so needed if our organization is to continue on the high level that has been its character from its inception.

Raymond Greg

“Illuminati has been, and continues to be an important part of my personal and professional life. At an individual level, the virtues espoused by the Fraternity are a constant reminder that I must hold myself to a higher standard than that of my peers. Understanding that when I speak, and act I speak not only […]

Richard Shawn

Illuminati found me at a time in my life when I need what it teaches most. Illuminati saved my life and helped lead me in a direction I am proud of. I found myself by finding my Brothers!

Jordan Greg

I love the direct connection the Illuminati gives to the past whilst still being completely relevant to today. The morals which are taught make me think about how I lead my life and, I hope, improve me by helping me find my own path to being a better, more upright and good father and husband. […]

Ciara Gorina

The Illuminati was always something that intrigued me, but I had never put much thought into it. I can’t remember what then sparked my interest, but I started looking into it more and discovered what a special and unique organisation it was, concerned only with promoting good values and improvement of members and society. I […]

Justine Yoga

I found that the Illuminati  provides a social network where I can spend time with men that I have a lot in common with and share a special bond with, where religion, politics, race, social order are not issues and every man is treated as an equal. I would certainly recommend Illuminati to any person […]

The Ring

We here at the Illuminati secret society are thrilled to be able to offer this powerful amulet ring which grants the holder (amongst other things) TOTAL control and command over summoning spirits and entities of all types including the djinn. We have previously offered several vintage/antique pieces from the same source for over $2400. This ring is very Suitable for use by ministers/pastors, business people and politicians seeking dominance and power. With all the interest we created new pieces which we could offer for a significantly lower price to more people for as little as  $500. Why would you miss this great opportunity to own a great life for as little as $500. You will understand that we are not victims of fate. Simply put, we are subject to the whims of those who yield power over us. These are people who understand that if you want to be successful in life, you must have power. From power, you will find influence, glory, success, and the ability to dictate the fortunes of others. If you are still reading about this ring, then you are closer to such power than you have ever been at any other time in your life. Whatever you desire from life, this ring will make it so. You have found the path to fulfillment on every imaginable level. It begins by putting this ring on. You will feel its powers pulsating through your mind, body, and soul at once. You will see things with clarity that may perhaps frighten you at first. Do not be afraid. This is what it truly means to have power. The advantages and opportunities inherit in this ring will be unlike anything you have ever even dreamed of. This primal magic ring will begin to work by giving you centuries of dark, secretive and perhaps even dangerous magic. You will conquer everything that is put before. The advantages this ring will bring to your life will go to work at once. The end result is life that will surprise you over and over again. If you have ever desired the chance to seek revenge over those who have harmed you, the ring will make that possible. Understand that this ring is perfect for those who dream of having mastery over others. This can translate to dominating and controlling your enemies. You can also extend this thoughts to your love life. Those who which to conquer the hearts of those they desire will find it not only possible to do so through this ring, but quite easy as well. Your life is going to change forever. Through this ring, you will have the powers that connect you to abundance, success, and influence. Manipulation and domination will be gifts that come to you as easy as light breeze.

24 July, 24 9:24 am

Materials/Objects for Initiation

  – Three Native Chalk – Six Ancient Cowries – Seven Grains of Alligator Pepper – Two Live Owls – Two Fringed Garments – Two Limb Bones and Two Skulls of a Dead Man – Six Indian Red Candles – Six White Rams – One Kilogram of Incense – Three Feathers of a Vulture – […]

24 July, 24 9:26 am

*Rules and Regulations*

*The Eleven Satanic Rules*   1). Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.   2). Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them.   3). When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.   4). If a guest in […]

24 July, 24 9:26 am

See Full Benefits List For New Members Who Join Illuminati

1.A Cash Reward of USD $500,000 USD. 2.A New Sleek Dream CAR valued at USD $300,000 USD. 3.A Dream House bought in the country of your own choice. 4.One Month holiday (fully paid) to your dream tourist destination. 5.One year Golf Membership package. 6.A V.I.P treatment in all Airports in the World. 7.A total Lifestyle […]