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06 May

Illuminati Money

In popular culture, a great amount of focus is placed on the Illuminati’s belief that money is not evil. Some view our encouragement of work and wealth as a promotion of selfishness – overlooking the true meaning of the Pyramid and its underlying messages that motivate our diligence. In the tenets of the Illuminati, wealth is not […]

06 May

The Light

Every human is guided by an inner compass that points toward the Light, revealing truth and direction when facing decisions. Given many names by spiritual leaders and unexplainable by science, the Light is an invisible guide that many believe has led them to joy, success, and lives of Abundance. It communicates directly to every human, […]

20 March

The Power And Purpose Of Illuminati Symbol

Symbols have played powerful roles in the development of the human species. Millennia of cave paintings, etchings on stone, and letters on paper serve as humanity’s reminders of promises, covenants, and loyalties. In recent times, many citizens have begun to recognize Illuminati symbols reflected in the world around them. Countless variants of the Pyramid, the […]

20 August

The Charge To Our Initiates

While Illuminati is a fraternity, this is like no other fraternity you could have joined in the past. Illuminati is a solemn order, and we conduct our degrees with the utmost seriousness.  Our aim is to build good men into better men, and we don’t do that by breaking them down through hazing or any […]

20 August

The “Price” of Enlightenment

The journey towards ’light’ in Illuminati is said to be experienced by each individual differently. Using the Illuminati teachings, each individual brings their own traditions, conditioning and programming, all of which influence their journey. Seekers outside Illuminati find the “light” through a teacher that guides their ‘transcendence’. Most importantly, such a teacher must be one […]

20 August

Our Grand Lodge

The Grand Lodge of the State of New York has a long history dating back over 228 years and is the governing body of the Illuminati in the State of New York. Like many organizations Illuminati elect their leaders. The Grand Lodge of the State of New York is headed by the Grand Master who […]

12 March

Meet the Man Who Started the Illuminati

How did a Bavarian professor end up creating a group that would be at the center of two centuries of conspiracy theories? /10 MIN READ Apply to join illuminati today follow this link https://666illuminatiofficial.com/apply-now/ The 18th-century German thinker Adam Weishaupt would have been stunned if he had known his ideas would one day fuel global […]

17 August

When you become a member

You will have the opportunity to be great and dine with great men from different nations. We will boost the talent you possess and bring it out to the world, wherever you want to go that is were you will be. Our gifts are for those who understand without question that power is more important than […]

17 August

What we do

We make people great and we rule the world. Many of the world’s political leaders and celebrities are our members. When you become a member you will have the opportunity to be great and dine with great men from different nations. We rule every social part of the world, music, sports and politics, the second […]